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My first forum, I will experiment the ropes of this by stating something SW:TALK says it is for: opinions. My opinion is that Dedede is overrated.

First off, he has the worst neutral in Smash 4. In Brawl, all you had besides hoping your opponent is bad at shield pressure, was his back air and effective grab game. His back air has been revamped to be much less useful, and his grab game is not only much worse than Brawl (because of his significantly decreased grab range), he also does not have good enough tools in it to match with other characters like characters like DK do.

Second, he has the worst frame data in the game. Most attacks are horrendously slow. Ok, but he's a power heavyweight, he should be slow, right? First off, he is only maybe faster in frame data than Ganon. Second, that is not the big issue: the issue is that he his the only "power" heavyweight that has trouble KOing. He simply does not hit hard enough to make up for how slow he is. His punishes are not much harder than the average character, (besides dash attack, forward smash, and Jet Hammer, which have the aforementioned years of lag) and pales in comparison to power heavyweights like Bowser, DK, and Ganon. So yeah, he may be a bit faster than Ganondorf, but that does not matter because he at least has powerful punishes to compensate. As one wise, but hot-tempered user once said, having a bad neutral and punish game makes you a bad character.

Third, he has some of the worst overall mobility: the third slowest dash, a subpar walk, and the slowest air speed in the entire series. The only characters who have any sort of worse mobility than Dedede are Jigglypuff (who has insane air speed and an excellent aerial game), Robin (who has a strong projectile game and good close range power), and Ganondorf (who has powerful burst moves to compensate). Dedede, however, has none of their advantages.

Fourth, he is possibly the character who suffers the most from zoning. His projectile can be reflected by anything that does at least 2% damage, not to mention how large and slow he is.

Finally, he is an even worse character with customs on. Dedede Storm, while nice when getting rushed down, removes a lot of versatility Inhale has. The incredibly overrated Taste Test resets the opponent to a neutral position where Dedede is literally nothing. Gordo Toss customs are nothing to look at, and Dedede does not need a better recovery in Rising Dedede. Finally, Jet Hammer has one of the worst moves in the game as a custom: Armored Jet Hammer. It basically returns the power to Brawl Jet Hammer (i.e. useless) and while it has more range than Brawl Jet Hammer, it has almost twice as much ending lag (it is so high, you can jump on the bottom of Battlefield's upper blast line and you won't be able to do anything until you fall to the main platform). If also has much less shield damage, so if you hit any shield with it or simply miss, you are guaranteed to be punished HARD. I feel like Dedede is a strong contender for worst character in Smash 4 with customs on.

So yeah, this is what I feel about Dedede. He and Mewtwo are the only characters I feel are completely useless. He may get buffed in a later update, but that is unlikely because he keeps getting ranked mid tier by everyone except Dabuz, ESAM, and Omega Tyrant. Ganonmew (talk) 19:17, 5 September 2015 (EDT)