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Note:Even though 1.0.8 just came out I would just like to showcase how I feel the tier list is based off results, buffs,nerfs,and opinion.This is also a non customs tier list

S Tier

1:Sheik 2:Rosalina & Luma 3:Pikachu 4:Fox 5:Ness

A + Tier 6:Luigi 7:Sonic 8:Zero Suit Samus 9:Roy 10:Mario/Villager (spot shared) 11:Captain Falcon 12:Ryu

A- Tier 13:Lucas/Yoshi (spot shared) 14:Diddy Kong 15:Dark Pit 16:Pit 17:Olimar 18:Wario 19:R.O.B

B Tier 20:Robin 21:Duck Hunt 22:Meta Knight 23:Lucario 24:Greninja 25:Mega Man 26:Ike 27:Peach

B- Tier 28:Shulk 29:Toon Link 30:Little Mac 31:Kirby 32:Bowser Jr.

C+ Tier 33:Link 34:Bowser 35:Wii Fit Trainer 36:Mii Sword Fighter

C Tier 37:Donkey Kong 38:Marth 39:Ganondorf 40:King Dedede 41:Falco 42:Charizars

D Tier 43:Mewtwo 44:Dr. Mario 45:Lucina 46:Palutena 47:Samus 48:Jigglypuff 49:Mr Game & Watch 50:Mii Gunner

Tell me your honest opinions and tell me who I should switch around thanks :D .