The Great Maze

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The Great Maze
A map of The Great Maze, showing where the Subspacial Smashers and Bosses are.
Universe Super Smash Bros.
Appears in Brawl
Home stage to Tabuu
Availability Subspace Emissary
Preceding SSE stage Subspace (Part II)

The Great Maze is the 31st and final level of Super Smash Bros. Brawl 's Subspace Emissary. After many sections of the World of Trophies are sent to Subspace, Tabuu creates a large maze comprised of sections from each of the previously visited levels in the game. To complete this, the player must win a number of battles, against Subspacial clones of all the characters in the game (excluding Toon Link, Wolf, Sonic and Jigglypuff), and against all of the bosses (except for Master Hand and Crazy Hand).

The door leading to the final battle against Tabuu.
The door when opened. Tabuu's wings can be seen inside.

There is no specific order in which the player must beat all the enemies, and it is possible to play as any character that has been rescued so far. Save Points and Warp points are dispersed throughout the maze. These two types of checkpoints are indicated by the Smash Bros. emblem mounted on a trophy stand and look like a forest clearing with a Subspace rip in the fabric of the sky. Save Points restore the player's stock to 4 and damage to 0%, as well as letting the player re-select characters or fiddle with stickers. Warp Points are identical but also allow teleportation between other visited Warp Points, as well as serving as both entry and exit points to and from the maze itself.

Pausing at any time displays a map of all visited rooms, as well as the player's current position inside a room and where doors and room-to-room links are. Once enough rooms have been visited to form a loop with the starting point, the map will also display all the locations of unbeaten characters and bosses in the form of a monster head.

Once all battles are completed, a large purple door becomes accessible in the center of the maze, which leads to Tabuu's Residence. On winning this final battle, the Great Maze is spread apart and all the levels and locations of the World of Trophies are returned to their normal state. The Isle of the Ancients, however, is not restored: the great number of Subspace Bombs going off in one place has taken it beyond repair. Afterwards, the Great Maze remains on the world map so that the player can re-enter it for completion later, and the stages on the Isle of the Ancients are still playable.

Playable Characters[edit]

If no trophies are rescued in Subspace, the player will still have six characters to choose from in The Great Maze: Ness, Luigi, and Kirby are revived by the Brooches; King Dedede is revived by Luigi and Ness; Bowser is revived by King Dedede; and Sonic appears at the very end of the Great Maze. All other characters with the exception of Toon Link, Jigglypuff, and Wolf must be revived as trophies in Subspace.

Stage recreations[edit]

Stage recreated Portion of stage Song used
Midair Stadium Petey Piranha battle Airship Theme (Super Mario Bros. 3)
Skyworld First descent Step: The Plain
Second section Step: The Plain
The Jungle Vertical section Jungle Level
The Lake Rayquaza battle Victory Road
The Ruined Zoo Porky battle Porky's Theme
Above-ground section Snowman
Sewer level Snowman
The first section where Lucas ran away from the Porky Statue. Snowman
Battlefield Fortress Castle Crimean Army Sortie
Outdoors (original) Crimean Army Sortie
Underground Step: The Cave
The Forest Last section The Dark World
Day-changing doors (original) The Dark World
Research Facility Elevator section Opening / Menu (Metroid Prime)
The Lake Shore Outdoor Jyk area Step: The Plain
Path to the Ruins Underground portion Step: The Cave
Outdoor area Gritzy Desert
The Ruins Bulk of level Underground Theme (Super Mario Land)
The Wilds I Galleom battle Boss Battle Song 1
The Wilds II Bulk of level Step: The Plain
Vertical section with slanted platforms (original) Gritzy Desert
The Swamp First area Jungle Level
Swampy areas Bramble Blast
Research Facility Ridley battle Vs. Ridley
3-switch door and associated areas (all original) Opening / Menu (Metroid Prime)
Outside the Ancient Ruins First portion of level Gritzy Desert
Glacial Peak Latter half of level Frozen Hillside
Battleship Halberd Interior Middle portion Meta Knight's Revenge
Elevators in the Halberd (original) Meta Knight's Revenge
Battleship Halberd Exterior Starboard exterior Meta Knight's Revenge
Battleship Halberd Bridge Duon battle Boss Battle Song 1
Subspace Bomb Factory II Meta Ridley battle Vs. Ridley

Vs. stages[edit]

The fights against each subspacial clone each take place on a unique stage. A gallery of these stages can be found here.

Tabuu's Residence[edit]

Tabuu's Residence
Kirby across from Tabuu.
Universe Smash Bros.
Appears in SSBB
Home stage to Tabuu
Availability The Subspace Emissary
Boss Battles

Tabuu's Residence is the common fan name given to the stage on which the player fights Tabuu. It is very similar to Final Destination, consisting only of one similarly long and purple platform, though slightly longer and differently patterned (with a central design similar to that on Tabuu's wings); and with its own background visuals, somewhat reminiscent of the version of Final Destination in Super Smash Bros. Melee. Its music is titled Boss Battle Song 2. The stage can be accessed in other modes via hacking techniques.


The Great Maze has many different music tracks in it, some of which only appear during the fights with the dark clones or the bosses.


  • Despite having only 4 stock at a time available for the initial playthrough, 6 are available on any successive playthroughs.
  • Some parts of The Great Maze are combinations of older stages, such as The Forest with the day-changing doors from The Lake.
  • Also, there are new areas in some of the older stages that didn't exist before, such as the elevator room in The Halberd, and the icy floors in The Ruined Zoo.
  • Many of the stage remakes have a different music than the original versions.
  • Some of the area recreations are laid out in such a way that the player will go through a level in the opposite direction from the first time.
  • There is not a single R.O.B. in the Great Maze (except the playable one). This suggests that they have all been destroyed in the Isle of Ancients.
  • The Halberd was destroyed and never entered Subspace, yet it still shows up in The Great Maze.
  • All the Primid types appear in this level.

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