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amiibo are a line of interactive figurines available for usage with the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, and both versions of Super Smash Bros. 4 are compatible with them. Every playable character in SSB4 is represented in amiibo form, including characters that are available as downloadable content. Scanning in an amiibo allows players to customize an individual CPU fighter, known as a Figure Player, or FP. amiibo characters can level up over time, becoming stronger and learning their opponents' playstyles in broad strokes. amiibo can also reward their owner with gift items like custom parts and trophies.


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Did you know...

  • ...According to Masahiro Sakurai's project plan design documents, it would appear that Alph was originally intended to be a completely separate clone character from Olimar rather than an alternate skin-type character, and that Rock Pikmin would have been integrated into his moveset?
  • ...that in Super Smash Bros. 4, Dr. Mario, Dark Pit, and Lucina were originally intended to be alternate costumes for Mario, Pit, and Marth, but they were given their own slots in the roster due to originality in moves (such as Dr. Mario's Megavitamins and Dark Pit's Electroshock Arm)?
  • ...that Ryu is the first and so far only fighter with two Final Smashes in one game?
  • ...that Pikachu and Link are the only two characters in the original Super Smash Bros. to lack a meteor smash?
  • ...that according to an interview with Masahiro Sakurai, Takamaru was considered as a possible playable character in SSB4, but the idea was later dropped due to low worldwide popularity?
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