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This article is about the Mario enemy and item. For other bomb-related articles, see Bomb.
Bob-omb artwork from Brawl.
Universe Mario
Appears in SSB
Item class Throwing/Explosive/Living
Article on Super Mario Wiki Bob-omb
When grabbed and thrown at an enemy, this item explodes, but if left alone, it will start walking around until its timer reaches zero...
Super Smash Bros.'s instruction manual

Bob-ombs, (ボム兵, Bomb Trooper), is an item that has appeared in every game of the Super Smash Bros. series. It acts as a powerful throwing item in all of its appearances.


As an item[edit]

A Bob-omb in Melee

Upon spawning, Bob-ombs can be picked up by any character and subsequently thrown at opponents; owing to being an explosive, the item can easily inflict considerable damage and knockback against other players, though its splash damage can also potentially harm the attacker. However, holding onto the Bob-omb for too long can cause it to automatically explode in the user's hands, and getting attacked can potentially cause the item to go off as well; if the Bob-omb begins flashing red while it is being held, it will soon explode, but it will also cause more knockback and damage.

If the Bob-omb is not picked up after a while, it will begin to walk back and forward on the platform it spawned on, exploding if it hits any characters in its path. However in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, it is possible to pick up the item just before it starts walking. If no one crosses its path, it will then stand still while flashing red, and then explode, causing damage and knockback to anyone nearby. In Smash 4, if a Bob-omb is close to any fighters, it will walk towards them when it starts moving, making it a bigger nuisance than in previous games.

The Bob-omb is also one of the various unusual items Peach can pluck via her Vegetable special move. The chances of her plucking the item is approximately 1/232, but in all games she has appeared in, it can potentially act as her most powerful attack.

In Sudden Death[edit]

If a Sudden Death lasts for too long, Bob-ombs will begin to fall from above the stage, instantly exploding upon striking players or the stage. They are intended to more quickly end a match, and unusually, they can be grabbed in midair.

The falling Bob-ombs do not appear in Super Sudden Death.


SSB Melee Brawl
Explosion 31% 25% 25%
Throw 36% 25% 32%
Up tilt throw 37% 33% 30%
Down tilt throw 31% 34% 25%
Dash throw 40% 34% 34%
Forward smash throw 40% 35% 35%
Up smash throw 40% 37% 31%
Down smash throw 31% 38% 25%
Air throw 38% 32% 33%
Air up tilt throw 39% 33% 31%
Air down tilt throw 40% 34% 30%
Air side smash throw 40% 32% 33%
Air up smash throw 41% 33% 31%
Air down smash throw 40% 34% 30%

In Smash Tour[edit]

In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, the Bob-omb is a red item in Smash Tour. When used, the player will start the next battle holding a Bob-omb.


Melee trophy[edit]

The Bob-omb trophy in Melee.

These little guys are just what they appear to be: walking bombs. Pick one up and hurl it for an incredibly potent attack. If no one picks them up, Bob-ombs light their own fuses and start wandering around armed and dangerous. In Super Mario 64, Bob-ombs chased Mario down once they noticed him. Pink Bob-ombs are nice and capable of speech.

Brawl trophy[edit]

The Bob-omb trophy in Brawl.

A mobile bomb with a fuse on its head. It can be picked up and thrown as a powerful explosive, but if no one grabs it, it will tire of waiting and start wandering, then detonate whenever it likes. Its power and unpredictability make it an accident waiting to happen. In sudden-death matches that go on too long, Bob-ombs rain from the sky to move things along.

NES: Super Mario Bros. 2
N64: Super Mario 64

SSB4 trophy[edit]

The Bob-omb trophy in for 3DS.
The Bob-omb trophy in for Wii U.

ntsc This enemy lacks any kind of subtlety— a fuse on its head, a slowly turning key in the back, and two short legs to carry its little bomb body. You can figure out what happens next. When a Bob-omb starts flashing, you better start running!

pal A bomb for a body, burning fuse on top, two little legs and a wind-up key spinning away on the back... We probably don't need to tell you what's going on here. Now, that doesn't happen too often! Then again, who knows? Maybe some people will look at a Bob-omb and think it's an eight ball having an identity crisis.

NES: Super Mario Bros. 3 (02/1990)
Wii U: New Super Mario Bros. U (11/2012)

Ultimate glitch[edit]

The ultimate glitch [1] is a glitch in Super Smash Bros. discovered by Isai. It involves picking up an invisible Bob-omb and waiting for a crate to fall on a player in the immediate area, upon which the Bob-omb would explode, causing the area where the crate fell to be engulfed in an infinite explosions created by multiple Bob-ombs. The invisible Bob-omb can be obtained by random. This can only occur if the Smash crate is a explosion crate in which it's containing more Bob-ombs.


In Super Mario Bros. 2, Bob-ombs were bomb-like enemies that walked around and would explode after a short time. The Bob-omb could also be picked up and thrown at enemies, though its resulting explosion could also harm the thrower. Bob-ombs reappeared in Super Mario Bros. 3, and if the player jumps on a Bob-omb it would become stationary. The player could also pick up the Bob-omb and throw it at enemies; however, the Bob-omb would explode after a few seconds after being jumped on. In Super Mario 64, if the player gets close enough to a Bob-omb, it ignites itself and chases after the player. They can also be picked up and thrown, but explode immediately after hitting the ground.

In the Smash Bros. games, a Bob-omb will stay at a spot for a short period of time. After the short period of time, it will walk around and self-destruct. The Bob-omb exploding on contact to whatever it hits is a reference to their behavior in Super Mario 64. [2]



  • In SSB4, the Bob-omb can be pushed by wind when it's either standing still or walking.