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Omega Tyrant
Omega Tyrant
SSB4 mains R.O.B., Ganondorf, Charizard
Other SSB4
Captain Falcon, King Dedede
Brawl mains Wolf, King Dedede
Other Brawl
Snake, Ganondorf
Melee main Ganondorf
Other Melee
Project M main Ganondorf
Other Project M
Mewtwo, Bowser
Skill Semi-professional
Additional info
Real name Michael Oliver
Birth date July 21, 1991(1991-07-21) (age 24)
Location Schenectady, New York United States

Omega Tyrant is a semi-professional upstate New York smasher who has contributed extensively to Smash knowledge and actively participates in tournaments. On SmashWiki, he's an administrator and has added a large amount of information, such as finding the information for the forward smash chart, down smash/Knockback chart, and up smash/Knockback chart, testing the full ingame mechanics of priority, and the momentum canceling abilities of every character. He's currently in the process of testing the knockback values of every attack of each character, to objectively measure the power of each character's moveset.

In Brawl tournament play, he comains the unusual combination of Wolf and King Dedede, though only plays Dedede in doubles play. finding his Dedede style much more transitional to doubles. He loves to fully utilise Wolf's outstanding mobility, focusing on constant moving and frequent spaced back aerials and forward aerials, while trying to open up DACUS opportunities and potential down throw chains and tech chases. With Dedede, he utilises a more methodical style reliant on pressuring the opponent, making heavy use of out of shield punishes as well as spaced bairs and full hopped dairs when in close, while attempting to bait an opportunity to land a grab or up tilt when the opponent is at KO percent. Omega Tyrant's tech skill is not great, and he is heavily prone to input mistakes. As such, he relies on outsmarting the opponent and utilising superior use of his character's moveset to win.

Omega Tyrant used to main Snake in addition to his comains. But after repeated failures in important tournament matches and performing at an apparent lower level than his Wolf and Dedede, he dropped Snake to focus more on the characters that brought him his tournament success. Omega Tyrant also plays a particularly competent Ganondorf, that he often plays in friendlies, and employs in low tier tournaments and matches.

As a person, he's notoriously quiet, rarely speaking at tournaments beyond necessary interaction. He has a nonchalant attitude, showing little emotion when playing, and taking losses in stride. He's a fervent believer in Sirlin's "Play to win" philosophy, and as such, has no qualms about counterpicking his opponents with hard counter matchups and fully utilising techniques an opponent may find "cheap" or "broken", as well as having no qualms about his opponents doing the same to him.

Omega Tyrant is currently ranked 5th in the New York Power Rankings for Brawl. While he's one of the strongest players in upstate New York, he has yet to obtain any significant placings in tournaments outside his region.


Omega Tyrant entered the competitive scene rather late, only entering his first tournament in November 2011. Around this time, he was making plans to attend Apex 2012, where he found the All is Brawl tournament page for 5th BEST, and saw that it was being held in a neighboring city. After he posted on the tournament page expressing his interest in attending, he was contacted by the tournament director Calm, who would introduce him to the nearby competitive scene in upstate New York. Shortly afterward, he was able to join the Albany/Troy carpool to ASX3 to enter his first tournament. He was able to do rather well in his first tournament, defeating Canadian smasher Phiddlesticks and Yoshi player Sharky, before being decimated by San, and being eliminated by Metal Pat in losers, obtaining an overall 9th placing out of 32 participants. After ASX3, he attended 5th BEST, where in only his second tournament, he was able to place in the money, claiming 4th out of 21 players, defeating Calm and Falco player CAC, while losing to Fatal in winners and being eliminated by Marth player Vibe in losers' semi-finals. Omega Tyrant then attended Apex 2012 with San, Sharky, Pika Pika!, and KID Goggles. He failed to accomplish much at Apex, being eliminated in first round pools having placed fourth, losing to Zex, Hylian, and Z0MFG, but avoided a last placing by defeating Colorado smasher deathbysuarez.

Since Apex 2012, Omega Tyrant began his strong presence in upstate New York, placing in the money or just outside it in every tournament in the region since Apex, and having defeated every active and notable upstate player in a tournament set outside San, Pika Pika!, and Cura. Within just six months of his tournament debut, he managed to get ranked on his region's Power Rankings.

Since June 2012, he has also started attending tournaments in NY/NJ and occasionally in New England with fellow Schenectady smasher No Skillz. While he usually doesn't perform poorly in them, he has not been able to place beyond a mid placing in the much stronger competition.

Tournament placings[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner Side event placement Tournament earnings
Axs3 11/5/2012 9th of 32 NA NA NA $0.00
5th BEST 11/12/2012 4th of 21 N/A N/A N/A $7.35
Apex 2012 1/7/2012 241st of 400 (4th of 5 R1 pool) N/A N/A N/A $0.00
8th BEST 2/11/2012 1st of 34* 4th of 13 No Skillz 3rd of 20** (Low tier singles) $73.25
Utican do it! 3/03/2012 2nd of 21 N/A N/A N/A $66.00
7th BEST 3/31/2012 5th of 14 3rd of 6 No Skillz N/A $3.00
Upstate Battle series #1 4/21/2012 4th of 9 N/A N/A N/A $0.00
(15/2)th BEST 5/5/2012 1st of 13 N/A N/A 1st of 14 (Brawl Minus singles) $40.20
Clash of the Titans 6 6/2/2012 33rd of 59 (5th of 8 Bracket pool) N/A N/A N/A $0.00
Impact III 6/16/2012 17th of 45 N/A N/A N/A $0.00
Smash It Up Too 6/30/2012 7th of 14 N/A N/A N/A $0.00
Mega Mass Madness 2 7/21/2012 17th of 40 4th of 12 Metal Pat N/A $0.00
9th BEST 9/8/2012 1st of 19 1st of 6 No Skillz N/A $70.50
Apex 2013 1/12/2013 129th of 338 (5th of 11 Bracket Pool) N/A N/A N/A $0.00


* Omega Tyrant was forced to split grand finals with Cura, as the venue closed before they could play the set.

** Omega Tyrant was not yet eliminated when low tier singles was no longer able to continue from the venue closing.


  • Omega Tyrant enjoys playing Brawl Minus, vastly preferring it to the other mods of Brawl. The primary reason for this is it being the only Brawl mod that feels like a different Smash game in his view, rather than being a patch or "Meleefied" Brawl.