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Stu "MagnuM"
Melee main Bowser
Other Melee
Skill SSBM Icon.png Professional
Additional info
Real name Stuart Broski
Location Edmonton, AB Canada

MagnuM is a Canadian professional smasher who mainly uses Bowser and Marth and is known internationally as one of the best Bowser players worldwide.

MagnuM pioneered the Fortress hogging technique, an advanced Bowser edgeguarding tactic still used by pros today.

MagnuM was one of three Bowsers to participate against the unfortunate victims of Zero Challenge's "Bowser Challenge" matches, which pitted an opponent on a team against CAOTIC, Gimpyfish and MagnuM on Fountain of Dreams (with no Friendly Fire!).

MagnuM is currently inactive due to severe eye strain problems.

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