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For the non-playable characters that are stronger-than-usual opponents, see Boss.
Boss "Suspect"
Brawl main Luigi
Other Brawl
Mario, Mr. Game & Watch
Melee main Dr. Mario
Other Melee
Project M mains Diddy Kong, Olimar
Other Project M
Mario, Snake
Skill Top professional (SSBB, Project M), Professional (SSBM)
Additional info
Location MD/VA United States

Boss is an American smasher who plays the Mario brothers. Before the release of Brawl, Boss played as Dr. Mario in Melee. A few months after Brawl was released, Boss competed in tournaments as Mario and Luigi. He has teamed with NinjaLink (R.O.B. and Pikachu), Logic (Olimar), Candy (Snake), and Anti (Meta Knight). Boss is well known for his contributions to Mario and Luigi's metagames, being considered the best player of these characters in the world, and for taking matches off some of the best Brawl players in the world. Boss also plays Brawl+, as Luigi, and Project M, as Diddy Kong. He was formerly ranked 10th on the MD/VA Melee Power Rankings and currently ranked 10th on the MD/VA Project M Power Rankings.

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