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SQUAT 2 was the second, and to date, the largest, tournament in the SQUAT Series, which took place in Queensland.



1: Syke

2: King Kong

3: Scrubs

4: Get That Rat

5: Accelerate

5: Gosu

7: Yokai

7: K-0S

9: Sieg

9: Vyse

9: Spaniard

9: Tristan

13: Milky

13: Unkore

13: Ratv3enom

13: Undead Moose

17: NG7

17: Radiance

17: Christian


(Top 5)

  1. Ogre Shop (Gosu + Syke)
  2. Miami Shock Team (KK + Scrubs)
  3. Blue Bum (Radiance + Tristan)
  4. Discovery Channel
  5. ArcWard

TECH TEAM won the crew battle by 13 stock.