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Super Smash Bros. series
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The Rules is an option in the Super Smash Bros. games. It lets players select the rules for a match before the fight itself.


  • Rules Selects the type of match.
    • Time (pick the Time limit of the match, once the time limit runs out, the match ends and the person or team with the most KO's wins)
    • Stock (set amount of lives, the last person or team standing with at least one life wins, or person with most lives at Time)
    • Coin (starting from Melee onwards except the 3DS version, set time limit, once the time limit runs out, the person or team with the most smash coins wins)
    • Bonus (Melee only, set time limit, when time ends, player with most points from bonuses wins)
  • Handicap SSB and Melee: Changes knockback given and received, from 1 to 9.
    Brawl: Sets damage percentage at the beginning of the match, from 0% to 300%. Even if characters lose a stock, they return with the handicap back at what it was at the start of the match.
    Can be set to:
    • On
    • Off
    • Auto, which determines the individual handicap of each player by previous wins and losses
  • Damage Ratio sets how much knockback is received from attacks. The default ratio is 1.0. The higher the number, the further the player will be launched. Players can choose the ratio from .5 to 2.0., increments of .1.
  • Stage Choice Allows the player to adjust on how the stage will be decided:
    • Choose - Allow freely to pick any stage
    • Random - Stage choice will be picked randomly
    • Turns - Take turns start with Player 1, then Player 2 and so on
    • Ordered - Play Stages in order
    • Loser's Pick - The loser of the match gets to decide to pick the next stage
  • Items Allows what items can be in the match or not and adjusts how often an item will appear. With all games except the 3DS version, the player can set how often an item appears by picking the choices: None, Low, Medium, or High. Melee also includes the choices of "Very Low" and "Very High".

More Rules[edit]

Another section of rules is the More Rules section which can only be unlocked by getting a total of 200 KOs in standard brawl matches in Brawl, and Smash matches in Smash 4.

  • Stock & Time (Stock Time Limit in Melee/Brawl) sets the amount of time for a stock-time match. The time can be set from Infinite to 99:00, in increments of 1 minute.
  • Team Attack (Friendly Fire in Melee) allows team attack to be turned On or Off.
  • Pause (starting from Melee onwards) allows the Pause availability to be turned On or Off
  • Score Display (starting from Melee onwards) enables the damage percentage numbers on the screen, next to each player's character picture. Can be turned Off or On. In Melee, unlocked upon scoring 5,000 KOs.
  • Self-Destructs (Melee/Smash 4 only) Selects how many points a player loses upon SDing: 1 point, 2 points or no points. In Smash 4, the player can only select -1 or -2.
  • Damage Gauge (Brawl/Smash 4 only) shows the Damage percentage of each player. Can be turned On or Off.
  • Random Stage Switch allows or eliminates what stages can be chosen when the stage choice is chosen as Random. Unlocked when all stages are unlocked. In Brawl, three groups of stages can be turned on or off: Normal Stages, Melee Stages, and Custom Stages (Custom Stages do not have any individual discretion).