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For computer player difficulty settings, see AI.
Choosing difficulty in the Subspace Emissary Adventure Mode in Brawl.

Difficulty is an option in some single player/co-op modes that allows a player to adjust the game after one's skill. In the most cases, there are five difficulty levels. Depending on what mode is being played, different difficulty levels will affect the game in different ways. For example, a higher difficulty level in the Subspace Emissary will make the enemies harder by giving them more HP and making their attacks stronger, while a higher difficulty level in Target Smash won't affect the characters' properties at all, but instead change the stage's design into a more difficult one. Sometimes, unlockables such as trophies or stickers depend on the difficulty on which a game mode is cleared. In the Subspace Emissary, Stock Balls vary in number, from appearing in most levels in Easy to never appearing in Intense.

In Smash 64, the difficulty setting is only available for the 1P Game. In the other two games, the setting appears for the Classic Mode, Adventure Mode/Subspace Emissary and All-Star Mode. Additionally, in Brawl, the setting is available for the newly added mode Boss Battles, and has been added to Event matches and Target Smash!!.

Difficulty levels in Smash 64 and Melee[edit]

  • Very Easy (blue difficulty)
  • Easy (green difficulty)
  • Normal (yellow difficulty)
  • Hard (orange difficulty)
  • Very Hard (red difficulty)

Difficulty levels in Brawl[edit]

  • Easy (blue difficulty)
  • Normal (green difficulty)
  • Hard (yellow difficulty)
  • Very Hard (orange difficulty)
  • Intense (red difficulty)

In Event Matches, only three difficulty levels are available: Easy (blue difficulty), Normal (green difficulty) and Hard (yellow difficulty).